Sanatorio Mater Dei Extension

Barrio Parque, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Located on San Martin de Tours Street, the exrension of the Mater Dei Sanatorium is proposed and on Castex Street, the refunctionalization of an existing building, both located in Barrio Parque, close to Plaza República del Perú, the Malba Museum and the Alcorta Palace . For the extension of the sanatorium, we are in charge of the demolition and new reinforced concrete structure with 10 floors and 2 basements in a lot attached to the existing sanatorium. Estimated area of ​​4,100 m2 of new construction and renovation of 260 m2. For the building on Castex Street between San Martín de Tours and Ortíz de Ocampo streets, the re-functionalization of the existing building is proposed, preserving its heritage value in terms of typology and façade, adapting it to the new function of a Medical Center for external offices. Inglés Surface: 1100 to 1200 m2 of remodeling.


Sanatorio Mater Dei


Construction management